Top 10 Spots for Iconic Instagram Christchurch Shots

Looking for some 'inspo' on IG..? Here are the current Top 10 locations to snap a selfie and share with your friends... Follow this list to keep updated and #landinginchristchurch for us to spot your IG profile 1. Antigua Boat Sheds – and since you’re there, how about a Punt on the Avon River 2. New Brighton Pier – beautiful colours at sunrise/ sunset 3. C1 Espresso – fries delivered in a pneumatic tube across the ceiling 4. Our Street Art – we’re spoilt for choice here 5. Peacock Fountain and Botanical Gardens – especially when the Rose Garden is in full bloom 6. Port Hills – get the panoramic setting out, you’re going to want to do a 360 turn for this 7. New Regent Street – our dedication to art deco 8. Godley Heads – this walking track has worthy shots at every corner 9. Bridge of Remembrance – an important landmark in the city and one full of history 10. The Christchurch Art Gallery – the design and modernity of this building with its reflective glass will make for some special shots