Summer vs Winter: The best time to Travel to NZ

Nov 26, 2018
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If you have limited time to travel NZ you’re going to have to choose when you visit - summer or winter. There’s pros and cons for both, and the reason for you visiting NZ will affect your decision. Check out why we rate each season below:


Visiting New Zealand during summer gives you the best chance of great weather, however it is also the busiest time of year for tourism amongst both New Zealanders and international tourists. Unfortunately, high season also, in general, means higher prices, and in some areas you may struggle to find accomodation.

Touring in early or late summer can be a good way to get good weather without the masses of people you’ll find in mid summer.


As you would expect, in Winter the temperatures are colder, particularly in alpine areas, but despite the cooler temperatures, skies are often clear overnight & during the day. Tourism in New Zealand is year round, but the visitor numbers in Winter are lower, and you’ll enjoy cheaper pricing and less people in the tourist hotspots.

With winter comes snow in the mountains, so this can be a great time for skiers to visit. There are numerous ski fields in New Zealand, both in the North & South Island, most open between June and October.

Spring & Autumn

Although most people visit in winter or summer, Spring and Autumn can also be great times to visit. The shoulder season means that tourism is at its quietest, and although the weather can be unpredictable, you’re sure to get some good days in there.