5 Reasons to go Road Tripping in NZ

Nov 22, 2018
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New Zealand is a country that can be explored in many different ways, by train, plane, boat, bicycle, and arguably the best way, by car. Check out our 5 reasons why you should go road tripping in NZ:


1. Discovering off the Beaten Track Paces

The lack of traffic and sparseness in NZ means that driving from A to B can take you through unspoilt natural scenery. Stumbling across a scenic spot for lunch or a short walk that takes you through wilderness is pretty commonplace - New Zealand is full of little gems if you have time to explore on the road.

2. It’s affordable

The population of under 5 million means that there’s not a vast public transport network like in many other countries, so your options are a little limited. But the cost of touring by car is pretty cheap in comparison to the other options available.

3. Easy to camp

If, instead of just renting a car, you go for a campervan, your camping options are endless. In New Zealand, there are many Freedom camping spots which means you can camp on public land for free as long as you have the right facilities. If you don’t have a toilet on board, never fear as there’s also heaps of camping sites too (and hostels/hotels if you just have a car).

4. Go your own pace

Probably the best thing about road-tripping is you can take your time. You don’t have to fit to someone else’s schedule, and if you find a spot you want to stay longer, it’s simple, you can!

5. It’s accessible

Jumping in a car and driving is easy - anyone can do it (provided you have a license!) A hefty majority of New Zealand roads are very quiet, and you won’t have many issues with traffic (big cities excluded).